4' X 8' Galvanized Sheet Metal (26 Gauge) - (Available For . Size: 48" Width X 96" Length Thickness: 26 Ga. Material: Steel Finish: Galvanized Sheets Are Easy To Weld, Form And Drill Intended For Use Where Greater Corrosion Protection Is Required Without Paint Ideal For A Wide Range Of Outdoor Applications, Or For Decorative Interior Design Can Be Cut With Tin Snips 4' X 8' Galvanized Sheet .... "/>

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Master Flow Flat Sheet 30 Gauge Galvanized Steel Metal Hardware 24 X 36 Inch (6) Total Ratings 6. 87% agree - Would recommend. $16.99 New. K and S Precision Metals 8125 3pk1/16 X 12 BRS Rnd Tube (13) Total Ratings 13. 88% agree - Would recommend. $3.81 New. K & S Engineering 504 Music Wire .062 X 36in 3pc. galvanized steel sheet Z80 Z180 Z275 14gauge 2mm thickness 4x8 GI GL galvalume plate Galvanized steel sheet Galvanized steel sheet is the product coated with a layer of metallic zinc to prevent the surface of the steel sheet from corrosion and prolong its service life..

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